An essay on aristotles pursuit of the good

Aristotle refers to Intellectual virtues and contemplation, as a scientific knowledge, combined with intuitive reason of the things that are highest by nature. These are both parts of the rational soul. Because philosophical wisdom rationalizes with things that are the highest by nature, one can suggest that this would allow for the human being to reach and obtain the highest level of happiness.

People seek for pleasure and wealth. Being a good individual and live life according to virtues is no longer the only form that can bring forth happiness.

It must be said that practical wisdom is not deliberation; however, practical wisdom is the virtue of deliberation, if done well. They do find happiness by doing these things that we dont considered as virtues of life.

When we know what that function is, then and only then can we aim to function at our best. The ends are based on a rational wish. This argument concludes that if we are to function well, we must first know what our primary function is. The human can only do so much to apply virtues in life.

Moreover, if Aristotles claim was true, then do all murderers find no happiness whatsoever, and do all evildoers find themselves unassociated with happiness? History, Theory, and Contemporary Issues. As happiness is something final and self-sufficient, and is the end of action Aristotle, pg Aristotle believes that if the human can achieve the best of the intellectual state i.

This book is trying to find out what is the reason for the existence of human. Moral virtues are still needed in society but, they are secondary as they carry human qualities i. However, he further explains that it is much more than that. Moreover, one would be considered making good choices when these choices are not extremes of virtues.

The Environment In the Nicomachean Ethics, Book I, Aristotle sets out to provide his definition of happiness, one central concept of his book, which states that happiness is acquired through activities motivated by virtues, in a completed life. We know that is not true. It is the foresight of knowledge and experience to be able to deliberate upon correctly.

There are many other elements that help people achieve happiness and, at the end, lived a good life. He states his case by explaining that philosophical wisdom is the truth or falsity of unknowns.

What if my ultimate happiness is to quietly sit on a bench with my loved one? They require the use of more faculties and require more exertion. However, I think Aristotles argument on how to achieve happiness is too vague. Happiness is more than just a judgment when one dies; it is the process of living life, enjoying all that one enjoys.

The deliberative part of the soul controls the irrational part mainly the appetitive part and Aristotle claims that because the contemplative part of the soul does not contain any portion of the irrational soul, and thus is the truest from of happiness.

Intellectual virtues bring us to a more divine state of mind; sciences have been formed, legislation has been wrote, and differences have been made within cultures as a result of proper contemplation. Intellectual requires experience and time to develop whereas moral virtues are formed by habit.

Aristotles concepts of happiness may be the best explanation of the social normality and belief of that particular era and culture, but in this glorified globalization era, there exists problems in his theory. It is true that till this day, the majority of the human population concerns themselves with the ultimate goal of happiness; however, there are no concrete boundaries or a definition that can covers every aspects of happiness.

Nutritive, associated with growth, and Appetitive, associated with desires are part of the irrational soul. Practical wisdom on the other hand is concerned with things human and things about which it is possible to deliberate Aristotle, pg He later gives two kinds of virtues: He later argues that man must possess practical wisdom and it is impossible to be practically wise without being good and a good man is one who is happy.

The activity of deliberation is to form a habit of making good choices and habitually making good choices results in a practice of virtuousness.

An overall good human should possess character-traits to be a morally good person. Everyones ultimate goal is different. Because Aristotle is basing his argument on virtue ethics, he is not trying to derive a rule but, deriving a good person.

Aristotle then, gives his Function Argument. However, what hides behind all these scenes is the ultimate reason why we are alive.

He gives evidential reasoning which will be discussed to show that he does not undermine his Virtue Ethics by making this claim.Free Essay: According to Aristotle, the good life is the happy life, as he believes happiness is an end in itself. In the Nichomachean Ethics, Aristotle. Aristotle argues that the highest good for human beings is happiness.

The American Emphasis on the Pursuit of Happiness The pursuit of happiness is described in the Declaration of Independence as an inalienable right. People are encouraged to make life choices based on what makes them happy and satisfied.

This essay explores. The Aristotle's Idea of a Good Life Essay.

Aristotle’s Claim of Contemplation as Complete Happiness

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He then contends that this political association is essential to the pursuit of the good life. Finally he attempts to distinguish what forms of political. An overall good human should possess character-traits to be a morally good person. We will write a custom essay sample on Aristotle’s.

In Ethics, Aristotle argues the highest end is the human good, and claims that the highest end pursued in action is happiness.

Aristotle als. He then contends that this political association is essential to the pursuit of the good life.

Finally he attempts to distinguish what forms of political association are most suitable to the pursuit of this good life. Slave Slavery Aristotle Paper Essay] Good Essays words | ( pages) | Preview. Aristotle's Categories.

An essay on aristotles pursuit of the good
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