Corporate university business plan

The corporate university is fast growing in popularity among companies aiming to boost performance with top quality executive development programs. Where do you start, how do you keep going - what exactly does it take to guarantee a successful corporate university?

The best management training programs help learning managers to: A corporate university is a complex undertaking and organizational buy-in from the very top on down is absolutely vital.

Business Plan

Companies with in-house universities report several benefits, including-- Improved recruitment. So two years ago corporate university business plan started "CoreTech University," which offers short training sessions to help employees hone both technical and interpersonal skills, such as quality management and team building.

Companies extend their corporate university capacity by partnering with good business schools to offer a wider variety of programs in different ways. Brust, who finished her "sophomore" level at the university last August, started at Unitel in May as a telephone-sales representative and within eight months was promoted to team leader.

After 90 days at Unitel, newcomers are eligible to become "freshmen" at the university and can take several more hours of classes beyond their initial orientation courses.

Employees are now keenly aware that training is essential to their future marketability and are making career choices based on opportunities for learning. By training together, they gain stimulating team-building along with the critical knowledge and skills described above.

The corporate training team, particularly the Chief Learning Officer, need the right stuff.

Small companies can use in-house training programs to improve recruitment, increase revenues, and reduce turnover. Strong knowledge of the latest trends and techniques for high-impact executive education, including onsite classes, workshops, symposia, etc.

Put this all together and they have what it takes to establish and run a successful corporate university. Feb 1, More from Inc. How to boost organizational performance with a corporate university? Assess the current corporate training offer whether a corporate university or not Understand executive education in relation to business and strategy Run the corporate university with a business approach Know the latest developments in corporate learning, including how to leverage technology Network with other learning leaders to share best practices Learn to effectively market and brand the corporate university Good business schools take it one step further, by offering team training for the corporate university managers.

What you need Here are a few key factors for a successful corporate university: Download the NEW program brochure now. They develop a cohesive language, strategy and approach. The program, which draws upon employee instructors as well as professors at Pennsylvania State University and Drexel University, is now not so much a differentiator for the company as it is a requirement, says Beaumont.

This ensures you get all the necessary resources and helps you gain the trust and enthusiasm of staff.

Amanda Brust confirms that. As part of Unitel U. A good corporate university is a key contributor to employee satisfaction and retention:overall message for the corporate university.

This type of marketing can be modeled after just about any successful commercial marketing campaign. In other words, the organization should be able to hear a few words and.

Training in this model particularly is more responsive to corporate needs than other learning intervention methods and adds value to the company business goals by helping recruit and retain talent.

Their special focus is on disseminating common culture and driving changes in the entire organization. Create a rollout plan for the corporate university and ensure that it touches every part of the organization. Running a Corporate University. Make marketing a core competence. Work closely with your marketing group to brand your corporate university.

Business Case Continued • The Old Way: Very little training available for team members, under -resourced – As lines of business came to the single L&D resource assigned to. A Corporate University aligns both talent management strategy and learning strategy to the business.

If a learning organization is seeking to create a sense of identity within the organization or seeking to accredit the learning function.

PREPARING A BUSINESS PLAN What is a Business Plan? A Business Plan is invariably prepared to obtain financial support for a new venture, product, or initiative.

The plan will describe the link between the ‘product’ and the marketplace. In a University a ‘product’ is invariably a service, or academic offering.

Corporate university business plan
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