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Mandy is a girl who seems to be lost in the world, but compared to Tracey, her life is well defined. Trying to do so she confides in Tracey and asks for advice but she completely discards it.

Because Mandy was not judgemental, she was able to help Tracey through a very difficult situation. This means that as a society we need to rethink our attitudes towards getting limits to acceptable behaviour.

As you get further and further into the novel Tracey opens up more and more and it becomes apparent that she is suffering from depression another struggle she is facing, but after Mandy confronts her about being selfish she begins to change.

Explain why this idea interested you. Steve is a disturbed teenage boy who has no friends, will apparently drop out of high school and has turned into a weapons freak. This Level One essay was written in exam conditions in 25 minutes. I know I was stupid the way I ignored what you said before.

She spends her days trying to escape her abusive brother and the emotional aftermath of it. This idea of the cycle of violence interested me because sadly, violence in this sense is becoming a more and more common reality.

Mandy, however, occasionally frustrates Tracey with her naivete as Tracey claims she is not as "nice" as Mandy claims, and becomes angry when Mandy makes a joke about tunneling into her cell and staying with her. They begin writing after Tracey places an ad in fictional magazine GDY.

The way Mandy dealt with the answer she received showed that she is not one to judge a person straight away. Tracey expects Mandy to no longer want to write to her, but Mandy continues to do so. Throughout the novel she gets more and more frustrated with Tracey just ignoring something as important at that and it really upsets her till she cracks.

Violence affects both main characters in this book in different ways. This being the biggest lesson learnt from her journey. Tracey begins to get no replies from Mandy and sends multiple messages which get returned, but she stays persistent like Mandy had been.

Tracey, however, dealt with violence in a way that was very different to Mandy. The question is from the early days of NCEA and I think that it is less challenging than recent ones but it is a good one to kick off your revision.

Although we are left guessing as to why Mandy stops writing it is hinted that Steve has killed the whole family, with his gun which he spent hours cleaning, on Christmas Eve.

Violence exists as a horrifying truth in our world. Mandy is also Plot summary[ edit ] The story is told in the form of letters exchanged between fifteen-year-old girls, Mandy and Tracey.

Marsden wanted his readers to realise that unless we rethink our attitudes towards violence people like Mandy, innocent people, will keep dying because people like Steve cant accept the consequences of their actions.

Characters[ edit ] Tracey, a young troubled girl, is the protagonist of the book; her letters start the novel off.

Mandy never replies to the letter and never writes again. Mandy refuses to give up, and finally Tracey replies with the information that she is in fact in a juvenile detention center, and will be there for a long time. Violence and its effects is a strong theme throughout the novel. Mandy takes to locking her door and turns to Tracey for help.

Mandy is afraid of her older brother, and she thinks there is something seriously wrong with him. Writing to Mandy gave her that and she was afraid that if she told Mandy the truth, the latter would stop writing.Letters from the Inside has to be one of my favorite books by John Marsden, the onlt thing about it is, and I don't know if this is a bad thing or not, but it ends with such a cliffhanger it's terrible (not the book, the suspense) in the end you don't really know what happens/5(63).

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Letters From The Inside

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Letters from the Inside

Only at". Letters from the Inside is a fiction novel written by Australian author John Marsden published in - Letters from the Inside by John Marsden introduction.

The novel follows letters exchanged by two fifteen-year-old girls Mandy and Tracey who begin writing after Tracey places an add in a magazine. Mandy soon discovers that Tracey has.

Essay In the book Letters From The Inside, John Marsden presents a character who wasn’t in a particularly honest friendship. I would argue that Mandy faced the challenge of a dishonest friendship with persistence and determination, showing that these qualities can get a truthful response out of a person.

Letters From the Inside is a young adult novel written by Australian author John was first published in Response 3 Title of text Letters from the Inside Author of text John Marsden Text type Extended text Theme surviving what life can throw at you 1.


Essay letters inside john marsden
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