Group therapy comparison paper

Group members also prefer therapists who are not too quiet and who is willing to engage in conversation.

According to DeJong, et alcertain group members drop-out because they do not believe in educational therapy and some believe that their illness has improved. Yalom identified reasons for premature drop-outs include moving out of town, conflict with scheduling, disruption of relationship, physically ill, failure to match up with others, fear of self-disclosure, has problem with intimacy, fear of emotional contagion, and believe that one is deviant or different from the group.

Sometimes the groups are homogeneous, with people in the group having similar issues, and other times they are heterogeneous, with the members having diverse background and concerns.

Visibility and anonymity effects on attraction and group cohesiveness. SHARE In individual therapy the issues are brought forth with one therapist listening and responding to the concerns. These therapies are usually very brief, and treat symptom specific problems.

Clearly, choosing the right participants to create a suitable group therapy that benefits its members is a key concept and a process that can lead to a success of group therapy. Group cohesiveness is one of the most important therapeutic factors in group therapy. Having a sense of relief and a sense that they are not alone, in itself, are therapeutic factors which group therapy provides.

In fact, a therapist acts as buffer who receives and acknowledges those negative connotations and attitudes Gelso, That member may be benefit better from an individual therapy, crisis intervention, or family therapy.

In order to provide effective therapy sessions, a therapist must consider many concepts while preparing and facilitating group therapy.

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However, in order to employ transference as a strategy to benefit the group members, a real trusting relationship must be established between group members and therapist.

In other words, the interaction between the members reveals the dynamics that have emerged from the family of origin, other intimate relationships, and less intimate interpersonal settings such as the workplace.

In order for this two-step process to be therapeutic and effective, a therapist must apply his skills Group therapy comparison paper the right time and in a supportive manner. According to Gelsotherapist uses this technique to assist group members to recognize their reaction. For example, therapists can ask group members to reveal to the group their life problems, reasons for seeking therapy, and any type of distress they are suffering.

Journal Of Clinical Psychology, 69 11 A study reports that when group members feel that they fit in with other group members and have a sense of trust and acceptance, they are more likely to disclose their concerns to other group members Wongpakaran, et al, Furthermore, group members are more likely to prematurely drop out of therapy which can negatively influence the remaining group members.

While there are various types of certification programs for facilitators there are no state or national licensing boards specifically for group therapists. Gender is an example where identity is apparent cues.

Nevertheless, group cohesiveness can be deteriorated by those who drop-out from therapy sessions. Support groups often do not analyze or employ the interaction features between the members, but rather talk about the themes and insights brought forward by the membership.

In addition, Yalom stated that the more group members attract to the group the longer they will stay in group therapy; they will be less likely to drop out prematurely. This is when the therapist-client relationship can be used to understand some of the issues present.

In order for group members to benefit from the therapy, they must have hope, have faith in the treatment, and are highly motivated in participating in group therapy.

When group members feel comfortable revealing their negative thoughts, emotions, and attitudes, the relationship between them is less likely to be destroyed. Yalom On the Here-and-Now. While the dynamics of the relationship between the therapist and client are typically considered important, they can often take a while to emerge before they can have a therapeutic effect.

It becomes a foundation that promotes other therapeutic factors that lead to positive outcomes. The therapist is more of a technical expert, and the relationship between the therapist and client is usually not part of the therapeutic equation.

The selection of group participants is a necessary process because it can influence group therapy positively and negatively as therapy progresses. Thus, therapists must pay a close attention to the concepts of transference and transparency because they are therapeutic factors in group therapy.

The Theory and Practice of Group Psychotherapy 5th ed. Retrieved from Wongpakaran, T.Group Therapy Comparison Paper Group Therapy Comparison Treating patients with problems related to chemical dependency requires often the development of multimodal therapeutic approaches which can comprise both group and individual therapy.

Group and individual therapy. Group Therapy Comparison 11 April Dr. Stephanie White Introduction Chemical dependency represents a unique challenge for therapists in providing treatment.

Although various models for treatment have been applied to this group, discerning what works requires a more extensive review of what has been noted regarding treatments and outcomes. This paper will examine the major components of wilderness therapy, the mental health disorders treated, the setting in which wilderness therapy is used, the appropriate client populations, multicultural considerations, and the limitations of this the.

My Counseling Theory Paper EPS Theories of Counseling November 27, Professor: Dr.

Pit Kolodinsky Yuma has a diverse group of high school students. Over fifty percent are of Hispanic origin. Many children are first or second generation immigrants and don’t have Therapy.

Supha's Portfolio. Search this site. Welcome! About Me. My Clinical Evaluations. My Essays Abstract This paper focuses on analyzing major key concepts of group work. The selection of group participants becomes an essential part of creating a group therapy as it can help prevent many problems, such as early dropouts and deviancy of group.

Group Therapy Comparison Treating patients with problems related to chemical dependency requires often the development of multimodal therapeutic approaches which can comprise both group and individual therapy.

Group therapy comparison paper
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