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Give its importance in dispute settlement. Tests were made at short intervals on spark plugs of two manufacturers. And further describe the need of evaluation of Training Programme. Besides, it helps candidates to know the topic-wise distribution of questions, marking scheme, type of questions candidates might expect in the exam.

Practicing these topics will help candidates to boost their confidence.

Financial Management Mba Question Paper

OR What are various methods of performance Appraisal and which one is how comprehensive. The candidates must solve them instead of memorizing.

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Explain atleast one model in detail. OR b Discuss the different methods of training used by an organization for enhancing employee performance. What is a contingency table?

Write short notes any two: This shall include the questions to measures how quickly and accurately you can think. Give any two applications of Chi-Square test Q4 What is collective Bargaining? The previous year question papers of CAT contains the questions asked in the exam.

Give any two applications of it. Explain in detail the process of recruitment and selection. The mean and s. MH CET mba is an online exam conducted yearly. Marks allotted to the exam is Define two types of errors in testing of statistical hypothesis Your English Language ability would be tested through questions on grammar, vocabulary, sentence completion, synonyms, antonyms, comprehension of passages etc.

Data Interpretation and logical reasoning comprises questions on Bar Graph, Data sufficiency, Pie chart, tables, assumptions, blood relation, seating arrangements, syllogism etc.

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Assume equal probability for boys and girls. The following tabulation gives the number of hours of service given by plugs from two sources: Q5 What is collective bargaining? Bring out the requisites for effective planning. OR b What is the significance of job analysis and what are its benifits explain with suitable example.

Test the hypothesis that there is no relationship between the firm and the type of labour. The exam is held at various pre-designated exam centers across Maharashtra. Your English language ability would be tested through questions on 1 understanding of the contents of the passage and 2 choice of appropriate words, phrases, expressions and similar language skills.

Job Enrichment and job Enlargement. CAT previous year question papers of last 3 to 4 years are provided on this page. This test also helps to measure your power of quantitative reasoning, interpretation of tables, common graphs and charts.

Aspirants should make sure that these topics are covered thoroughly. Explain various steps involved in manpower planning. Ten students were given intensive coaching for a month in statistics.

What are the assumptions of t-test for difference of means? Q6 Write short notes on — Any two a Kaizen. Find the number of ways in which the crew can be arranged.


Q3 What do you understand by performance management? Explain any two modern methods of appraisal in detail. Data available for the machines may be tabulated as follows: Q5 Explain the concept of employee Relationship Management in organisational context.Here you find the latest MBA Previous year question Papers of IP University, During the exams every student needs the previous year question paper to get to.

VTU MASTERS OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION largest collection of question papers from year till with latest CBCS question papers and scheme. SMU Model Question Paper / Solved Sample Question papers MCQ & Descriptive for BCA MCA BBA MBA BSc IT MSc IT.

SMUDE assignment & project report available. Human Resource Management Question Papers Pune University. Question Papers | 3 comments. Below given are Previous Years Question Papers of Human Resource Management (HRM) of Pune University.

These Question Papers are of MBA course but can be referred by BBA, B. Com, M. Com and MCA students.

SMU Model question paper features:

Define Human. Home › All MBA Exams › CAT › Question Papers. CAT - Common Admission Test Conducted by Indian Institute of Management Calcutta. Get Question Papers Download Guide.

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Summary ; Bhubaneswar Master of Business Administration. Institute of Management, Christ, Bangalore Master of Business Administration. Previous Year Question Papers June | December June | December June | December June | December

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