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What’s the point of education? A Marxist perspective

But the state and religion will both be transcended when a genuine community of social and economic equals is created. It is part of a defence mechanism that has its origins in the remote past of the human species.

Criminology, claim these writers, is sexist and racist and that both errors need to be corrected. According to Marx MarxLucacs privilege blinds people to the realities of the world meaning that the powerless have a clearer view of the world — the poor see the wealth of the rich and their own poverty, whilst the rich are inured, shielded from, or in denial about the sufferings of the poor.

5) Assessing Functionalist and Marxist Perspectives

The epidemic of unemployment, homelessness, crushing debt and extreme social inequality that has turned a whole generation into pariahs has undermined the family and created a nightmare of systemic poverty, hopelessness, degradation and despair. Essentially fettering is what happens when the economic structure becomes dysfunctional.

All these changes were accompanied by profound transformations in culture, art, literature, religion and philosophy. Despite all the talk of economic recovery, economic growth in Germany, the former economic powerhouse of Europe, has slowed down almost to zero, as has France.

Marx provides a two stage argument for the labour theory of value. But all history proves the opposite. Liberal feminists are concerned with discrimination on the grounds of gender and its prevalence in society and seek to end such discrimination.

Here, one must admit, the empirical record is patchy at best, and there appear to have been long periods of stagnation, even regression, when dysfunctional economic structures were not revolutionised. It is a dead weight that acts as a colossal drag on productive activity, a symptom that the system has reached a blind alley.

But the slightest acquaintance with history shows that this is false.

Outline & Evaluate the Marxist view of crime

Socialist feminists believe that gender based oppression can only be overcome by creating a non-patriarchal, non-capitalist society, and that attempting merely to modify the status quo from within perpetuates the very system that generates inequalities.

That is the illusion of every epoch. They were based on the concrete experience of the Paris Commune, and later elaborated upon by Lenin. Das Kapital is now a best seller in Germany. A similar position exists in many other sectors.

Marxist Gordon believes that capitalism encourages greed, materialism and competition so crime is inevitable. This is a fundamental question for any revolution. Marxists believe that in order to legitimate and reproduce this system of inequality, the capitalist class uses its cultural power to dominate institutions like education and the mass media and transmit ruling class ideology.

Marx wanted to distance himself from this tradition of utopian thought, and the key point of distinction was to argue that the route to understanding the possibilities of human emancipation lay in the analysis of historical and social forces, not in morality. This is known as false class consciousness, where an ideology is forced upon working class citizens.

Critical criminology

Now it is apparent that this renders historical materialism consistent. Pluralists, following from writers like Millsfor example are of the belief that power is exercised in societies by groups of interested individuals businesses, faith groups, government organizations for example — vying for influence and power to further their own interests.

Whatever one concludes on the question of whether Marx thought capitalism unjust, it is, nevertheless, obvious that Marx thought that capitalism was not the best way for human beings to live. A major strand of criticism is leveled at what it is argued is its ethnocentrism RiceMamaAhluwaliathat is, that in its silence on the experience of black women it is as biased as male criminology in its ignorance of the experience of women.

But in the space of 20 years not a long period in the annals of human society the wheel of history has turned degrees. But it is an absolutely indisputable fact that the process of concentration of capital foreseen by Marx has occurred, is occurring, and indeed has reached unprecedented levels in the course of the last ten years.

Nay more, in proportion as the use of machinery and division of labour increases, in the same proportion the burden of toil also increases, whether by prolongation of the working hours, by increase of the work exacted in a given time or by increased speed of the machinery, etc.

To please our critics, we should perhaps add the phrase from our point of view. Of course, one can argue whether either material abundance or human fellow-feeling to this degree would be possible, but the point is that both arguments give a clear sense in which communism transcends justice.

The German Ideology, co-written with Engels inwas also unpublished but this is where we see Marx beginning to develop his theory of history. Neo Marxists accuse Marxists of economic determinism, arguing that human behaviour is determined by the economic system, plus ignoring the ability of humans making rational choices, determining their own fate.

The Marxist Theory of the State

But we are human beings and must necessarily see things through human eyes. Here we already see the outlines of class society, the division of society into classes: The laws are simply accepted by the working class because they are unaware of the exploitation and even if they were aware, there is nothing they could do about changing these values to suit them.

But Marx explained that ideas do not fall from the sky, but reflect more or less accurately, objective situations, social pressures and contradictions beyond the control of men and women.Outline and assess the view that the role of education system is to justify and reproduce social inequalities (50) The view that the role of educations system is to justify and reproduce social inequalities is one from a Marxist perspective.

Karl Marx's work has had an everlasting impact on the arena of sociology in that his views opened the door to the study of how one's social class has a direct influence on one's life experiences.

Planning the ‘Marxist’ Crime and deviance essay. Using material from Item A and elsewhere, assess different Marxist views of the.

Education Past Questions Outline some of the factors within the education system that may have contributed to improvements in girls’ achievement. (12 marks) Using material from Item 1B and elsewhere, assess the Marxist view of the role of Education.

(20 marks) Summer In Marx’s view this ruling class ideology is far more effective in controlling the subject classes than physical force, as it is hidden from the consciousness of the subject class – this is known as ‘false consciousness’.

One example Marxists might use is the role of meritocracy in education to control the working classes by getting the. Below is an essay on "Marxists View Of Education" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples. Outline the Marxists view of education (12 marks) There are 2 main Marxists Althusser, Bowles and Gintis/5(1).

Outline and assess marxist views on
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