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The interest rate is also increasing and the reserves of the commercial banks are also higher now. There are million Internet users in the country.

The business people think that the online credit card system for timely payment is less, which has low usage and it does not penetrate in Chinese industry. The companies and brand are getting boost due to cheaper labor cost and various leading companies are hiring the workers to increase their cost.

Social Factors The social and cultural aspect of China plays an important role as the demographics constantly change. Political Factors Political factors which impact China are: Government regulations Both formal and informal rules, which firms must abide by, impact the country.

For example, population growth and age distribution fluctuate. The legal factor plays the important role in providing latest and excellent products at the comparatively cheaper rates.

The government has strong and firm commitment to flourish the business and increase the production of items of different types. They prefer physical shopping and like the face to face contact.

Other risks include lack of stable and secure online payment systems. Legal issues The legal framework for e-commerce is still in its early stage.

They can have great potential to change the social and cultural trends and values and there is another contribution of family size and social behavior, which have the impact on the other social factors of lifestyles, religion, education and emigration.

The emergence of various technological developments in the industry makes everything easy and speedy. Over the past few years, the government focused on the development of e-commerce.

Some people like to do shopping physically and they like to have face to face contact in the market. The effective legislation is necessary to develop the e-commerce and prevent online cheating and theft, which is great concern for this industry to develop and work for the betterment of the industry.

The main challenges for businesses in China are: They find it easy to merge in its economy and can get ample revenue from this quickly grooming market economy.

What is more, based on the perspective of Ortolani there had been only 1 percent credit card penetration in China suggesting that the most widely used payment method had low acceptance in China and the payment system to support online credit card transaction is also facing low usage.

Many people claim that the political force is the most unsettled force. E-commerce has changed how local consumers see shopping. The reserve requirement for commercial banks is also nine times higher now.

China emphasizes on education and majority of the nation are literate. There is huge number of legal improvements, which made the business easy and quick.

One major factor which impacts China is the increasing awareness of environment protection. The provision of products online can help to increase the usage of e-commerce website and do the shopping online by placing order rather than visiting the shops.

All of these create uncertainties and challenges to the market players. Now they use the latest technology to do shopping online and various websites like Taobao, which is the largest e-commerce site, from where millions of people do their shopping.

In conclusion, I can say based on this PEST analysisthat China is a flourishing market with the need for some small changes. With the exercise of more and more legislation in the industry, the working capacity of the industry will also increase manifolds.

Legal Factor As the e-commerce is flourishing and the government has started working on the formulation of legal framework for the e-commerce.China is the leading and quickly growing country, which has strong economy and it has huge number of industry in all segments.

PESTLE Analysis of China. by adamkasi | Dec 20, | Countries | 0 comments. It has proved a strong power, which is boosting its business across the world and its products are considered the affordable. China is one of the major players in the global market.

PEST analysis of China shows that it is a flourishing country with the need for some small changes. PESTEL Analysis of the Chinese Economy. Print Reference this.

PESTLE Analysis of China

Disclaimer: the southern China province produces about 13% of China’s economic output, the most among the country’s 32 provinces. Minimum wages in the capital city Guangzhou reached to yuan increased $ per month from yuan, Wages of other cities in the.

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pest analysis of china i.

PEST Analysis of China

I n t r o d u c t i o n Nowadays, China has become one of the world’s most attractive locations and China’s rise carries enormous significant for the international business communities.

Pest analysis for china southern power co ltd
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