Planning sheet for writing a fairy tale

Also, look at how you might incorporate these elements in a new way. Related learning resources Lesson Plan Plan a Fairy Tale Use a well-loved fairy tale to inspire your kindergarten students to plan out their very own fairy tale stories. Presentation and Evaluation 1. Assessment Invite students to share their Story Planning worksheets with a partner.

Those who have a deep love for a character will hate seeing him become a villain. Provide struggling students with a variety of fiction books to inspire their story ideas.

As each group finishes its presentation, instruct the other groups to evaluate the presentation using the Presentation Rubric and the Six Traits Rubric for Fractured Fairy Tales. Maleficent Of the films listed here, this is by far my favorite.

Share out student ideas for each section and choose one or two ideas to highlight on the example planning sheet.

You can include main plot points from the original story, or go in a completely different direction altogether and create your own plot. And after all, the original tales were usually pretty dark themselves! Pause in each section and have your students turn and talk to a partner about their ideas for each section of the planning worksheet.

Next, research existing retellings both films and books and take notes. Pay special attention to student conversation about the six traits and to their use of multiple literacy skills as they create their PowerPoint presentations.

Independent working time 15 minutes Pass out the Story Planning worksheet and explain that students can draw pictures as well as write words in each section. Provide additional examples of fictional books where the title matches or previews the story. You could make it modern like Beastly, or even futuristic like Cinder.

Also use these rubrics to grade the projects from your perspective. Retellings are currently popular in the marketboth in the publishing and film industry. Pay attention to your favorite parts and elements of the original, as well as those that are the most memorable and iconic.

Have more advanced students begin to write out additional details for each section of their story. Here are some ideas for you! The Huntsman also takes a larger role, and the romance is with him instead of the Prince.

Once Upon a Time Rethought: Writing Fractured Fairy Tales

That was a very clever way to stay true to an original plot element, yet make it new and interesting. But it ended up being really interesting and working well in the story! Model providing feedback as needed. What if you made Snow White into a modern thriller? Do Your Research In order to retell a story, you need to know the original.

You will need to find a balance between drawing inspiration from the original tale and your own ideas.

Fairy Tales Unit

Point out that the title matches the story, gets you excited to read, previews something that might happen in the story, etc.

When finished, ask your class what they noticed about the title of the story. Review and closing 5 minutes Allow two or three students a chance to share their story planning sheet with the whole class. What are your thoughts on retelling fairy tales? For example, in Cinder by Marissa Meyer a sci-fi retelling of CinderellaCinder is a cyborg with a metal foot.

Students use the characteristics of a known tale and change one of the literary elements to create a new tale, which includes a different set of characters, has a new setting, or includes a changed conflict or resolution. While it was visually pleasing and Prince Charming was cute, I could have just watched the animated version.

Have students gather in their small groups.Fairy Tales Theme Units I abcteach provides over 49, worksheets page 1 Your students will love this 'Spelling List: Fairy Tale Titles'.

Ten fairy tales to learn to spell, a page for copying the titles, and a blank page for testing.

Once Upon a Link: A PowerPoint Adventure With Fractured Fairy Tales

Fairy Tale Titles (small strips) Word Wall. Once Upon a Link: A PowerPoint Adventure With Fractured Fairy Tales. write a rough draft of the shared writing fractured fairy tale into the template. Demonstrate how to place the text on each page.

have students reflect on their own work on the project using the What I Learned About My Writing self-evaluation sheet. Jul 12,  · Share out student ideas for each section and choose one or two ideas to highlight on the example planning sheet.

Plan a Fairy Tale. Lesson Plan Reading & Writing. Worksheet. Story Board. Worksheet. Young writers will love using this planning sheet to plan out their very own fairy tale. /5(3). Fairy tale conventions and shrek by jordancook, a planning sheet i have made to help students with either planning an answer to a question on a piece of persuasive writing, or for writing their o.

Class Management Behavior Routines Goals and Feedback Group Organization Teacher Organization Planning Report Card Writing Monitoring Student Progress Substitute Teaching Parent Communication; Fairy Tales Narrative Writing Pack.

Download. 1. A fairy tale themed narrative writing teaching pack containing 8 worksheets and posters. This. Fractured Fairytale planning sheets From analysing the basic elements in an original fairytale, to planning and finally writing their own fractured fairytale, these sheets have been u slinkywin/4(3).

Planning sheet for writing a fairy tale
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