The blunders of the latest presidential candidates

In the Republican Primaries, Governor Rick Perry was listing three departments that he would cut if elected. Will Donald Trump seem well prepared? McCain surged in the polls and it looked like he had a fighting chance.

Coming off eight years of prosperity and relative peace, it should have been a piece of cake.

2018 Presidential Election: Elecam blunders on CDU’s candidacy

Sarah Palin, news junkie. After eight years as vice president, Richard Nixon was running to inherit the White House from the enormously popular Dwight Eisenhower. In a later debate, when Baltimore Sun journalist Henry Trewitt asked Reagan if his age would prevent him from fulfilling the rigors of the presidency, Reagan had a quip for the ages: Bush, Gore, in comparison, was never the guy you wanted to share a beer with, and alas, Americans cared about that.

As a result, he looked peaked. But what is possible is a serious unforced error. These facts made for an unusual campaign for the presidency, as both candidates, Ford and Jimmy Carter, were essentially introducing themselves to the public for the first time.

Kennedy, seemed to have little to offer, on the surface, besides his good looks and beautiful wife, Jackie. He listed the Department of Commerce, the Department of Education, but forgot the third. The second problem Gore had was worse: However, for the first time, the debate was televised, and a huge audience watched.

If the balloon had not burst, it had at least been somewhat deflated. It seemed assured that Dukakis could start composing his inaugural address. Bush administration assurances that we would be greeted in Iraq as liberators proved to be as bogus as the weapons of mass destruction.

Ostensibly added as a way to inject youth and energy to the ticket, Quayle proved to be a goldmine for late-night talk show comedians and a constant pain in the neck to Bush This changed, however, in one stunning moment when McCain announced that his running mate would be Sarah Palin, an unknown governor from Alaska.

InRichard Nixon was one of the most well-known politicians in America. Then, the October debate happened. While Carter looked grim on the attack, Reagan grinned like a mildly disappointed father and shot back with just one phrase: Oops, what was that third thing again?

That is, until he actually threw his hat in the ring. The country was fairly prosperous, and Nixon had a giant head-start in the race for the presidency. When he ran again inhe refused to debate the Democratic nominee, Hubert Humphrey. He is the author of The Fierce Urgency of Now: McCain was trounced on Election Day and Obama became our 44th president.

What the candidates say will be endlessly scrutinized with the media, while the quality of the one-line zingers, particularly in the viral age of Twitter, Facebook and YouTube, are important in shaping perceptions of the event.Video: The Biggest Unforced Errors in Debate History From Richard Nixon sweating on camera during the first presidential debate to George H.W.

Bush checking his watch before an audience question—here are some of the most prominent debate gaffes in U.S. history. Latest news.

Top 10 Worst Presidential Debate Gaffes

Presidential Election: Opposition candidates woo diaspora voters. Two bloggers to appear before judicial police in Douala. Vice President Al Gore let out long, heavy sighs before responding to questions throughout his first presidential debate against George W.

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Bush in — a sign of frustration that many found condescending and some critics count among the factors that led to his defeat. Gaffes And Blunders That Cost Candidates The Presidency.

The 8 Dumbest Presidential Campaign Blunders in Modern Political History

the personal failures of presidential candidates can heavily impact your life. Here's the latest hint that Apple will launch new.

Oct 11,  · Vice President Joe Biden and Rep.

10 Weird Things That Happened During Presidential Campaigns

Paul Ryan have made their share of blunders on the campaign trail this season. (Susan Walsh) Ever since Thomas Jefferson's vice president Aaron Burr. The 8 Dumbest Presidential Campaign Blunders in Modern Political History Candidates like Rick Perry, Gerald Ford and Dan Quayle prove there's no IQ test when it comes to running for president or veep.

The blunders of the latest presidential candidates
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