Traditional clothing in lithuania essay

Birthdays and name days Birthdays are celebrated the Western way with parties and presents. Even many male businessmen preferred red suits in the s unlike the female fashion, this has since died out.

Amidst prayers and final words the casket is lowered and the hole then filled. Matchmaking parties, once celebrated some 20 days before a wedding, are gone altogether. Such dinner is repeated after a year and holy mass for the deceased is celebrated at every anniversary of death.

However, the lack of radical overhaul of models after independence created an image problem "outdated local clothing" vs. Make-up for female school students and long hair for males used to be banned, for example. Numerous flowers and wreaths brought in throughout visiting days are put on the grave together with a wooden cross to be replaced by Traditional clothing in lithuania essay tombstone a year later.

Christian carols by professional singers now have largely replaced the weeps. Women wear long patterned skirts shorter for folk dancesmen use trousers.

Lithuanian funerals Funerals are nearly always celebrated traditionally according to the wishes of usually elderly deceased. Name days exist for every Lithuanian name but they are usually not celebrated save for a few particular Christian names e. Today however such practice is just a mean to make that special day last longer.

The male "style-counterpart" of a fyfa is forsas or marozas. This image of Lithuanian workers made to watch a speech by Leonid Brezhnev in also shows the uniformness and bluntness of clothing at the time. Anything less than that is acceptable only for swimming and sunbathing.

Today the folk costume usage is limited to folk singing and similar events. However, some people primarily females past their 30s avoid this as getting older brings them negative feelings. The length of funeral and a cultural emphasis on care of the graves which are covered by elaborate tombstones and flower gardens make some say that there is a cult of death in Lithuania somewhat reminiscent to that in Mexico.

A lawyer in Lithuania dressed for work. It dates to the s when people were hungry for colors, glitz and less conservativeness denied to them for decades by the Soviet regime. Today, bachelor ette parties are usually celebrated the Western way.

They take up to several days with the first day s dedicated to the presentation of the dead body. The less well off shop at marketplaces and used clothing stores where a good suit may be bought for less than 1 Euro if you know when to visit.

Youth street styles for an April Sunday casual stroll. All the people who knew the deceased then come for a final look and a few minutes hours in case of the closest friends of contemplation.

Dinner of grief follows where friends and relatives are invited and Christian carols also performed. A woman brings cake for her co-workers at the morning of her birthday left and brings back home flowers she received from her co-workers after the workday right.

During the Christening infant baptisma baby is given a name and accepted into the Christian community. Most secular "initiation rites" are related to educational milestones.

Other parts of Lithuanian youth have embraced Western subcultures since the s, each with its own clothing aesthetics, preferred musical styles, and festivals.

Only the friends and relatives are invited there. On the other hand, a Lithuanian haute-couture scene developed and some designers reached some fame beyond Lithuanian borders.

They include goths, hippies, punks, "metallists", "street culture" hip hopskinheads, ultras, hipsters and LGBT. Summer clothing can be skimpy but it should still cover upper thighs and torso.Main clothing subcultures in Lithuania. Parallel to the Western fashion trends, Lithuania has a more glitzy female fashion (more colors, shorter skirts, higher heels, more make-up), somewhat more popular in smaller towns and among the ethnic minorities.

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German, Czech, Russian, Lithuanian, Hungarian, and other influences can be seen in the traditional dress of each region. There are roughly 60 unique costumes attributed to the different areas in Poland, thanks to these diverse influences, each region of Poland has its own local traditional dress.

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Traditional Clothing in Lithuania ; Case Study Havaianas: A Brazilian Brand Goes Global. Traditional Lithuanian clothing was adopted to carrying out hard work in agricultural and domestic sphere, but it also has some bright elements.

There are 5 ethographic regions in Lithuania, so they bring peculiar elements to the traditional natio.

Traditional clothing in lithuania essay
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