Union is strength kids essay

Some of these include the stories on the farmer and his sons, the flock of doves and the lion and four bulls.

Essay on Union is strength

But those who do are actually more satisfied and content in every sphere of their life. In the corporate offices these days, or for that matter in every profession, the competition is extremely tough.

Union Is Strength – Short Story

All the essays are useful for students of classes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8. Even many kings were defeated in war because of they were alone and various kings won the war due to unity.

As we discussed above by having unity we become more powerful at physical level and able to face any kind of circumstances. On the other hand, if we keep fighting and become selfish in our endeavours we often fall flat.

We can stand as a strong team than to fall as a feeble individual. On the contrary, if we have conflicts within the team then we are likely to fall short. Belgium took this as their motto post the Revolution of The history of India teaches us the lesson on the importance of unity.

If the husband and wife stay united and defend each other no one can create a rift between them. Even birds and animals show a wonderful sense of unity. The motto Eendragt maakt magt also appears on the badge of the police force of Holland, Michigancombined with God zij met ons God be with us.

He asked them to break their stick into two. The fine dust from the finished goods caused many to suffer from emphysema and a larger workplace named "Eendracht maakt macht" was built.

A country with having unity among citizens of it can tackle any kind of national crises. This proverb suggests, moreover, that we are stronger together than we are alone.

They get into personal and professional rivalries with each other most of the times. So they united themselves and a nation was built for greater security.

A big manufacturing company also depend on the union of labour, they have the power to either enhance or reduce the success of that company. One will not care for the other. The meaning of this proverb is simple yet profound.

January 22, By Various Contributors Meaning:The secret power of unity is strength, which is built up by mutual trust and faith and love for each other, and the oneness of a single well formulated goal.

Unity is Strength – Meaning and Expansion of Idea

Union is strength. It is rightly said that “together we stand and parted we fall”. Home» Fun for kids» moral stories» Union is strength (moral story) Union is strength (moral story) 0 Fun for kids, moral stories Tuesday, January 07, There was an old farmer who lived in a village. He had four sons, o were lazy and idle.

They often quarreled among themselves.

Unity makes strength

The old man was very much annoyed with it. So he called his four sons and told them that since his end was near, he wanted to. Unity makes strength" (Bulgarian: Съединението прави силата; West Frisian: Iendracht makket macht; Dutch: Eendracht maakt macht, pronounced [ˈeːndrɑxt maːkt mɑxt] (listen); French: L'union fait la force) is a motto that has been used by various nations and entities throughout history.

Speech on Unity is Strength

I have the privilege of giving this speech on “Unity is Strength”. It is said that “United we stand, divided we fall”. Man is free but still he has to depend on others. Union is Strength Essay 4 ( words) Power of unity and feeling of togetherness is the biggest need of any living kind whether they are human or any other living kind like birds or animals.

They all require being in a group or union to face the unwanted or critical situations coming in their life.

Union is strength kids essay
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