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He was spared on account of his youth.


All the notes feature a watermark of Sun Yat Sen. Serbia has refused to return the statue to Croatia. The Croatia 50, Dinara andDinara are dated The front has underprints of a sword and crown on the left and the imperial German arms on the right.

It is an attractive note featuring the young people of a young nation. The notes all bear his portrait on the left, and a watermark of him on the right. The note is dated January 22, The final 10, Lire note is the issue depicting Alessandro Volta and his Voltaic pile. The notes bear two dates: The other side is blank.

You can be assured that you are dealing with an honest person. Her revolutionary educational methods have spread throughout the world.

The front features three native girls. Croatia was nominally ruled by an Italian prince who never set foot in the country.


The front depicts King Matthias Corvinus. The coin was to be withdrawn so that the nickel could be used in the upcoming war efforts. The note measures x 90mm. In order to combat a serious coin shortage, the capital city of Vienna issued their own currency.

World Paper Money

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Old Checks/Fiscal Paper: Souvenir Cards: World Coins For Sale: Antique Newspapers: Old. Paper Money India is considering an unusual addition to its notes: a coat of varnish by Arthur L.

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World paper money for sale
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