Writing a friendly letter to your teacher

Students click any line and type over it. I may not have been interested every single day for three years writing a friendly letter to your teacher a row, but I do remember actually listening to you. Just to remind you, I was in class with you for three consecutive years during my high school career.

We can all think of special teachers that impacted our lives in some way. Bailey, A couple weekends ago I hosted an annual bridge tournament that I have hosted for several years.

Maybe, since I had to sit in your class day after day over several years, I remember you more than any other teacher I ever had in school. Give the students time to participate in a peer review of their work. At some point during my time in high school, the state of Kentucky implemented new standards that evaluated students periodically based on portfolio submissions.

Objectives learn to write or practice writing a friendly letter. But, we still had to complete these portfolio submissions. For example, the closing of a letter does not always have to end in the word "sincerely.

Friendly Letter Unit

Thank you again so much for all you did as my teacher during my time at EHS. Tell the students that you are going to turn the music on. It has made a huge difference to me even still to this day. Here is one friendly letter format you might use. You also can adapt the book report idea described above by having students use the following format: The local Elizabethtown newspaper wrote an editorial about his 46 years of teaching, but it really did not do him enough justice.

I want to write to wish you congratulations, to thank you for being a wonderful teacher, and to offer best wishes to you in your retirement.

When the music stops, they need to find the four other cards that go with their card. I worked for two of the largest CPA firms in the entire world, then for one of the larger firms in Louisville, and then I was appointed as the accounting director for the City of Louisville at the age of Again, best wishes in your retirement — enjoy your much deserved time off!

Because this template is editable, it might take a little longer to download than a normal Web page would take. After this much time has passed, you may be the only teacher I can actually remember! The Friendly-Letter Book Report work sheet is an editable template.

This year both my Mom and my Granny arrived with an article from the News Enterprise because they knew it would be important to me. I know you had an impact on many, many others, but I just wanted you to know how special my time in your class was to me, and what an influence you had on me and my professional career.

Brainstorm topics that they can include in their letter, including a discussion about favorite hobbies or questions for the other person. Ask the students to use the modeled form to construct a friendly letter to their partner. Introduction -- Tell about the book you read and make an opening comment.

A Letter to My Favorite Teacher

Students can write friendly letters and send their letters in messages or emails under your supervision. You explained to the class that there was only one good example of the all the portfolios submitted by the class, and then you held up my portfolio submission and said my name.

Tell the students that they are going to be learning more about how to organize a friendly letter, including how to write an address in a friendly letter. For students who need additional practice in arranging the parts of a letter, ask them to complete the worksheet Arranging a Letter.

Invite students to share the significance and meaning of each part of the letter. Provide students with a copy of the Friendly-Letter Book Report work sheet. Contact Us A Letter to My Favorite Teacher There are people that enter into our lives for a reason; they have been put in our paths to offer something to us to take a lesson in life.

Assessment Did students follow the friendly letter format?Make friendly letter writing Friendly Letters Adding your school can help us give you better content recommendations based on what teachers in your. 7) Letter with Envelope: Students write a letter on the right-side of this page, then fold into an envelope to address for mailing!

8) Friendly Letter Writing Prompt Cards: A set of 37 cards to spark letter writing ideas! Great for a writing center or "stuck" writers. 9) Friendly Letter Parts Quiz: A quiz on the parts of a friendly letter.4/5(). Aug 25,  · It's the beginning of school, and we got an assignment to write a friendly letter to the teacher.

I don't know this teacher really well, I'm a somewhat boring person--how should I begin the letter Status: Resolved. Practice writing a friendly letter with, a date, salutation, body, and closing. Most of the worksheets on this page align with the Common Core Standards. To see CCSS connections, simply click the common core icon.

A Letter to My Favorite Teacher. It was an editorial published about your retirement. I want to write to wish you congratulations. Writing a Letter to Next Year's Teacher In this project you will write a letter to your next teacher This will be a friendly letter and will include with.

Writing a friendly letter to your teacher
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